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Since 2017





Security Advisers was founded in 2017 in Stockholm
by Per Lundkvist.

After working in the international security field in Global businesses more than 20 years and the majority in senior management positions a need for independent Security Advisers to support corporations, government organizations with security professional assistance on a part-time "pay as you go" was identified.

Many would like a seasoned CSO but are not willing to invest in a full-time role but still wants to access that expertise.

Using experience from different industries with genuine business knowledge helps us to provide guidance on a higher level within security management. The customer needs can be such as risk assessments, security plans and programs, travel risk, investigations, background checks,  projects, mentoring and training security teams including management.

Security Advisers are members of Säkerhetsbranchen (The Swedish Security Industry Association) and also shares the Knowledge - Responsibilty - Quality as main values to deliver to our customers.

Security Advisers has partners for different tasks and special needs around the world.

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